toddler playing with toys

The classroom is intended to be safe, warm, and comfortable; it is the child’s home away from home. The adoring climate is where the children can proceed with their work of self-development without limitations. The child can satisfy his need for love, security, and autonomy through entrancing materials to play with and quiet music to tune into.

Our toddlers enjoy discovering how to utilize utensils appropriately, enhancing their capacity to feed and pour drinks for themselves. Teachers give great consideration and commitment to helping everyone exclusively achieve their maximum capacity as toddlers. By enhancing their hand-eye coordination, youngsters make smoother progress in the next classroom.

Classroom conditions allow children to assimilate their environment through all their senses. Common components in the entirety of their structures can be found in the child’s environment. The toddler will see, hear, contact, feel, and smell a wide range of materials, for example, wood, mud, straw, elastic, textures of various surfaces, metals, and significantly more. It is critical at this age to have the opportunity to move and explore their environment.